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Oceanside, NY based Phenomenal Vinyl applied some matte paint protection on a 991 model Porsche 911 GT3 and it looks awesome! Matte was quite hot in 2013 but it started to go. This vinyl is spot on if you ask us.

Please check out the gallery below for the matte Porsche 911 GT3 before and after photos.

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Team Rauh-Welt Begriff Thailand participated in the Idlers Games 12 hours endurance race. Idlers is an amateur club race. Any thing goes in this race with minimal requirement. The RWB team showed up 4 cars strong. This documentary is about the trip and the race. Tenn Xoomsai covered this race while filming and racing.


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The RWB Royal Ocean is the first RWB built in Canada. In January 2012, Akira Nakai transformed this 993 into a stunning machine with a wide body kit and huge wing on the back.