Where To Rent A New Porsche Dune Buggy

Where To Rent A New Porsche Dune Buggy

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Porsche Dune Buggy

Are you traveling to the fabulous fishing village of Cumbuco in Brazil anytime soon and you want to drive on the beach in Porsche style? Keep on reading as it is now possible for you to rent a Porsche Dune Buggy!

Customization is the new black. We see customization in everything from how much storage you want on your iPhone to how you get your news and what ads you see. But before all that came about, cars were long the province of avid customizers, from John Lennon’s psychedelic Rolls Royce Phantom to people styling singular lowriders. Some beach bums (well, not really bums, but busy beach lovers) have now reworked the famous Porsche 911 for dune riding.

That’s right, you can now rent a Porsche Dune Buggy. Some will always prefer the regulation Jeep for riding the dunes, just as some like their Rolls Royces’ more muted than Lennon’s. But those visiting the pristine gorgeous Brazilian fishing village of Cumbuco on the Atlantic Ocean now have a choice to choose a dune-ready Porsche from Cumbuco car rental.

Link: http://www.cumbuco-car-rental.com/rent-a-beach-buggy/


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