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Porsche Race Engineer

To be a racing driver seems as though it would surely have a certain glamour about it; everyone watches with envy as you pilot a cutting-edge piece of rolling technology around a complicated course at breakneck speed, privy to shots of more adrenaline (and G-forces) than most will ever experience in a lifetime.

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Porsche Panamera Delta

The skies might be friendly, but the view from the tarmac looks awfully good when you’re being whisked to your next flight in a Porsche Panamera luxury sedan. Delta Airlines has expanded its fleet of Porsche service vehicles to New York City, and the New York Daily News Autos hitched a ride to experience flying s– Porsche-style – at low altitude.

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The Tuthill Porsche 911 RGT rally car is out and testing for next week’s Monte Carlo Rally and I have already died of joy. If you’re wondering what ‘more power than traction looks like,’ here you go. Francois Delecour is driving, who you may remember from a particular Chris Harris video of old.