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If you’ve done any small amount of recreational browsing over car p@rn, then you are familiar with Nakai-san and RAUH-Welt Begriff, the sole powerhouse behind the wide body Porsche movement. Now, Hong Kong has finally unveiled their very first RWB Porsche build, which had just been completed at the tail end of 2014.

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We could be guilty of understatement when we say that Rauh-Welt Begriff creations are not for everyone. The styling tends to be pretty extreme, and these aren’t Honda Civics he’s cutting up, people can get defensive about the Porsche 911. The car you’ll see here is a bit less extreme than some of the cars made by Akira Nakai and his company, but it is also the first RWB Targa built for the US, one which started life as a Type 964 Porsche 911.

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As many things that come from Japan, Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) bodykits are not for everybody, but those who appreciate them enjoy fetish-like benefits after fitting their Porsche with such apparels. To make things even more extreme, RWB only works on old Porsche, where that rear-engined feel is stronger than anything. We are here now to give you a taste of what the Porsche scene in the Land of Rising Sun looks like.

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Team Rauh-Welt Begriff Thailand participated in the Idlers Games 12 hours endurance race. Idlers is an amateur club race. Any thing goes in this race with minimal requirement. The RWB team showed up 4 cars strong. This documentary is about the trip and the race. Tenn Xoomsai covered this race while filming and racing.


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The RWB Royal Ocean is the first RWB built in Canada. In January 2012, Akira Nakai transformed this 993 into a stunning machine with a wide body kit and huge wing on the back.