Latest ‘Tiffany’ RWB Porsche 911 Wide Body (video)

Latest ‘Tiffany’ RWB Porsche 911 Wide Body (video)

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If you’ve done any small amount of recreational browsing over car p@rn, then you are familiar with Nakai-san and RAUH-Welt Begriff, the sole powerhouse behind the wide body Porsche movement. Now, Hong Kong has finally unveiled their very first RWB Porsche build, which had just been completed at the tail end of 2014.

Hong Kong’s first RWB is a Porsche 911 Carrera painted in an eye-catching mint green finish. The Porsche ‘964’ was completely stripped to its shell in preparation of the paint process before it received a fully rebuilt air-cooled boxer-6 Porsche engine.

An absolutely mesmerizing video captured the meticulous RAUH-Welt build process. In fact, the Hong Kong ReinART Design Porsche performance shop prepped the minty fresh Porsche for four long months before Nakai-san flew in to give it the finishing wide body RWB touch.

Porsche Tiffany RWB Hong Kong 2

When the build was finally complete, the first RWB for Hong Kong was christened “Tiffany.” The name is fitting for this Porsche in many ways, as its mint green paint job is very similar to the company color of a famous jewelry store that shares the same name. What’s more, the jewelry store connection also signifies Hong Kong’s love affair with luxury brands and shiny things.

The following video captures the essence of the beautiful new RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche “Tiffany,” the level of craftsmanship in Nakai-san’s work, as well as the vast Hong Kong skyline that is just as breathtaking on a rainy day.


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